A zine for more Sustainable Food Systems

The workshop was inspired by ongoing research by the co-facilitators on the role of technology in contributing to food waste reduction and climate change solutions through community-based practices. Technology has been playing a role in the discussion about climate change, and particularly reducing food loss and waste. There have been various technology solutions; blockchain for tracing the supply food chain, Internet of Things (IoT), sensors and big data for providing insight into farming practices, drones for surveying land, and artificial intelligence (AI) for detecting diseases in crops.

Among diverse measures to curb climate change impacts, the food waste problem is one of the easiest measures to deal with. There are various solutions that can be implemented through simple practices and choices at a small scale (as individuals) or within our small neighborhoods by encouraging food sharing.

In this zine-making workshop, took participants to work in small groups to co-create a digital zine that shares sustainable practices that can be adopted as individuals, in our homes or communities to reduce food waste. In the share back session, groups shared their ideas, which will be they compiled into a zine that will be shared with all participants after the workshop.

In our breakout sessions we discussed the practices that we have observed or implemented to reduce food waste .

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