Space is one of the keystone elements in Art . Without space, we have no canvas to create and no container for our innovations and inventions. Space can be limited but it can also be in plenty. It can be underutilized or overutilized. The Million dollar question is, how does one make balanced use of space. How do you build spaces that adapt to the current community needs? Let’s take a look at the word space for an answer.

Simple: It is said that simplicity is complexity but complexity is not simplicity. It is true that the simplest things require meticulous planning their simplicity provides a ground for the establishment of everything else. To establish a balance, you need to make a trade-off between form and function. To master the art of simplicity, you need to understand community needs. And these community needs keep evolving and they change from community to community. 
Partitionable: How can space be partitioned to a certain form with a specific function. How do you set space that can easily transform into another form with a different function? To understand how space can be particitoned, we need to consider that space that is suitable for community use is one that easily adapts to their needs.
Adaptive: Space that adapts makes adoption for new use easier quicker and much more relevant to the community. That which space adapts is adopted from what the community wants to use the space for. Once set up, a good quality of such spaces is the ability to change again without putting a strain ontot the resources and logistics needed to make it happen. 
Community: Key to Community is communion. A space that consolidates its community is a space that creates value to those who use it. The community who live in a space are the warmth of the same same. They use the resources from day to day. 
Engaging: We interact with spaces everynow and then. Spaces that are engaging bring us back to themselves everyone then the more we interact with them.

In the recently concluded  Modual Training. My team comprised of Olivia May, Rommilly Stockwell and myself, we came up with an initiative called Community Canvas

Community Canvas is an app with the aim of connecting community to build a better living environment. The app will encourage collaboration to make more effective design and make community spaces reflective of Community Values. Re-using and Re-Purposing existing infrastructure and resources for communal living. The app will incorporate features like Virtual and Augmented Reality for a better use experience.