Internet Society Chapter Training Program

For the Internet Society, the role that each of It’s members plays in our community is vital and key to carrying the message of an open, globally-connected and secure Internet for all. Members bring great value, experience and knowledge to the internet Society. For it was for this reason that the  Chapter Training program was established. The 2020 the first engagement and learning program for Chapter members that focused on developing new community leaders who would work together with their respective Chapters and create local awareness of the work done as part of the Internet Society 2020 Action Plan. One of the aims was to explore options for the members to become involved.

The program was born to satisfy the increasing need of the internet Society Chapter leaders to engage their members locally in an impactful and informed way about some of the Internet Society’s main initiatives.

The program was thus based on important topics of the Internet Society’s 2020 Action Plan projects: Shaping the Internet, Securing Global Routing (MANRS), Building Community Networks, Open Standards Everywhere and  Encryption. 

Each Chapter had the opportunity to select two trainees per topic (with a maximum of 10 trainees per Chapter). The members selected for the local chapter were, Lillian Achom for building Community Networks, Lillian Kamara and Eliazah Titus for Shaping the internet. Ben Kyemba for security global Routing, Mutegeki Cliff Agaba for Open Standards Everywhere. Josephine Nampala and Jimmy Drasi for encryption and Joseph Kiwendo for 

In 2020, the regional Chapter workshops/meetings will be an integral part of this training program. One of the eligibility criteria for participating in the 2020 Chapter workshops will be that representatives from the Chapter have attended the trainings.

The trainee Initiatives were as follows,  Lillian Achom project did a webinar titled, The importance of Internet Connectivity in Times of Pandemics: Case for Community Networks in Uganda.  Lillian Kamara’ initiave was a Blogpost Empowering Educators and Learners for digital education transition in Uganda  and Eliazah Titus project was also a blog post about Domestication of ICTs to Support Consumption for Women and Girls. Ben Kyemba for security global Routing didGlobal Routing Security – BGP/Prefix Hijacking demo.  Josephine Nampala justified the need for end to end encryption especially during times of Pandemic.  Jimmy Drasi analysed the current state of the Uganda Internet Exchange Point. Joseph Kiwendo wrote as well a Blogpost on why encryption matters.   All the above project Initiatives were coordinated by Mutegeki Cliff Agaba, the chapter Training Program Coordinator with special assistance from Sarah Kiden, Lillian Nalwoga and the ISOC Uganda leadership team. 

A question now remains. How do we translate the information gotten from the trainings and scale out to a wider audience within our local chapter and partners. The answer lies in you, the reader. You have a part to play by sharing these projects with a personal you know and by taking part in the various chapter activities.  

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