My experience at the Modual Workshop

Modual: is UAL’s digital collaborative workshop led by Fred Deakin that empowers students to launch their creative careers. The workshop was carried out over a space of 2 weeks. What I found amazing about this workshop is the way it was Structured. The first week involved talks and presentations from Modual Partners like British Council, Design Manchester, Studio Moross, The Glasgow school of Art, Studio Moross , blast theory and extinction Rebellion. And the second week was an intense one. We had to create deliverables for our ideas.

Over two weeks from 13th to 24 July 2020, we imagined, developed and pitched creative projects for positive change . My skill-set was added on to through direct experience of the creative process. I had a lot of fun along the way. I made new friends from across the globe right from Europe to Asia. We had mentorship for our projects from UAL staff as well as partners.

In the final Project, we had Community Canvas as our project idea. I was working together with Olivia May and Romilly Grace. Two awesome people that made our online Collaboration feel like they were just next door. They were very supportive of my ideas and despite the tech issues I had that left me disconnected from the Team, they always kept me up to speed. The fact that we were a small team of 3, it made decision making easy and quick. Our project focused on Adaptative Re-use of space.

Final projects were unveiled in a pitch event to academia, investors and the general public through a live stream.

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