“Together for a better Internet” – Safer Internet Day 2021

The internet is for everyone, and this is the vision that drives everything that we do as the Internet Society Uganda Chapter (ISOC – UG). The internet is a place of possibility and opportunity. It is where we collaborate and innovate for a better world. It’s a place where we share hopes and dreams and strengthen our bonds. It is where we learn and make progress. As the Internet Society Uganda Chapter, we believe that keeping the internet safe is one way of strengthening it.  The safer internet day is one of those days we commemorate each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones especially among children and young people. In the previous years, we have worked with Government bodies like Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) where we did a campaign in about 3 schools in each region in Uganda. The theme for this year is “Together for a better Internet”. Everyone from young people to parents to teachers and policymakers is important in making this endeavor a success.

Our Children and young adults are at risk. And if we choose to ignore the risk then we increase the danger. Avoiding risk decreases the danger of a payoff but then closes children off from possibilities like learning online especially during the times of the pandemic. So what can we do? We need to be SMART and THINK. And ask your children to do the same. The Internet Society Uganda e-safety education toolkit points out how this can be achieved. This toolkit was compiled with support from NITA-U and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

Today the 9th February the internet Society Uganda chapter engaged in a couple of activities among which were a Twitter chat, a Television talk show, and a webinar. The Twitter chat was in collaboration with Digital woman Uganda and Emma Oruk represented the Chapter. Among other participating organizations were , POLLICY , Encrypt Uganda and the ATC academy.  The webinar was organized by the digital Literacy Initiative and the chapter was represented by Lillian Nalwoga and among the participating organizations were Maendeleo Foundation, Smart Youth Network, WOUGNET. And Lastly, the TV talk show, which was hosted at UBC, Uganda broadcasting services. The early morning show was a 45-minute dialogue between NITA-U, ISOC Uganda, and the Talk show host.

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